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The Hotel Restaurant vandelli is a modern structure that has preserved a strong link with the past.

The furniture, art nouveau, made every room a small paradise of warmth, peace and love.

Prossimi eventi/Upcoming events

Carnival in Pavullo
20 October 2018

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Carnival at the Labyrinth of Masone
25 February 2017
Saturday 25 February, during Carnival, the Masone Labyrinth offers visitors the chance to rediscover this festival in an innovative and original. Will be open for a few more days, the temporary exhibition Gino Covili. The fable and pain, enriched by a new framework, Burn the old, themed carnival, depicting a merry dance in masks around the bonfire, exposed to the Maze for the occasion. The painter, with a language somewhere between fairy tale and the realistic, reports on the canvas a playful rite, marking the end of winter and early spring, in a circular structure, with a swirling motion that drags and stuns. Its lackeys, traditional Modena Apennines masks (homeland of Covili), also depicted in the picture, with their colorful costumes adorned from top cone hat, they will enliven the central square in the heart of the labyrinth with two shows, at 11:30 and 15, where it will offer folk dances and folk dances, carrying on an ancient tradition but always lively. Finally you can also visit the new temporary exhibition, Patrizia Comand. The Ship of Fools, dedicated to the great Milanese contemporary painting by the artist, exhibited in Calvin Hall of the central court of the Labyrinth, in setting further enhanced by a spectacular library designed in 1827 by architect Rodolfo Brescia Vantini, recent acquisition of Franco Maria Collection Ricci. Participation in shows and admission to temporary exhibitions are included in the price of the daily ticket to the Labyrinth of Masone (full 18 EUR, reductions indicated on the website), which also entitles you to access to the bamboo maze and the art collection Franco Maria Ricci.  
M’illumino Less in 2017
24 February 2017
Even the City of Pavullo adheres to the day of energy saving and sustainable mobility The following initiatives are planned: from 18.00 to 19.30 DRINK AT CANDLELIGHT BAR MEMBERS IN THE INITIATIVE WITH THE COLLABORATION OF THE "ALL FOR PAVULLO" NIGHT WALK IN SEARCH OF THE LIGHT OF THE DARK (Meeting at 19.30 to start 20th at Palazzo Ducale) with the cooperation of U.S. Pavullese Romeo Venturelli and CAI subsection Pavullo EASY hike of 1.5 - 2 hours Recommended boots and flashlight sticks REGISTRATION BY THURSDAY 'February 23, 2017 to inform the Office of Public Relations 0536.29977 until reaching a maximum number of 50 participants. The walk will also in bad weather; at the end there will be a refreshment The volunteers of the Municipal Civil Protection Group will be at the event support INFO AND REGISTRATION: URP tel. 0536.29977  
Nature trail all’areoporto Pavullo
31 December 2017
The Nature Trail is a real health itinerary consists of 16 stations, each of which exercise equipment have been installed with the explanation for the correct use. It lies along the path around the field of Pavullo aviation, all the region around Via Teichfuss up to the top of the hills. The inauguration was held on Sunday, 19/10/2014 and experienced instructors showed the possibilities of the tools used.  

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